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“Breaking the Stand-Off"
Tips and tools for de-escalating conflict
Conflict can make us feel ways that we don't enjoy or that we are not used to. The first step in dealing with conflict, whether it be in your personal relationships, place of work or with family, is to know what happens to you when you are unsettled by conflict. Self-awareness is key, and without it, we cannot support others who are working with conflict. This course will not only increase your own awareness around conflict but give you tools that will help you:
  • Communicate through difficult interactions with clients or colleagues
  • Understand the causes of conflict
  • Resolve conflicts that you face at work, (home or even out and about)
It will also help your ability to:
  • support others who have been stuck in conflict
  • communicate clearly and compassionately


  • To introduce some basic skills and understanding of conflict resolution
  • To have people work productively on relevant conflicts in their life


  • Resource & Experience sharing
  • Self-Awareness particularly around Conflict and Responses to it
  • Looking at specific scenarios
  • Observation/Evaluations
  • I-Statements – being specific and staying connected
Like all the trainings, we would do this by:
  • Having fun;
  • Participatory learning;
  • Sharing experience;
  • Group work;
  • Personal reflection;
  • Basic Theory and,
  • Potential role play

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