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facilitating change                                                                      ...opportunities to discover the healthy side of conflict

Are you in the middle of the most infuriating battle of your life and feel like you can't even come up for air?

Do you feel that something “isn't quite right” and would like some insights?

If either of these sound like you, or you are somewhere in between and would like some support or coaching, I provide one-to-one sessions that will:
  • Help you clarify and recognise what the issues are
  • Create strategies and options to help you address these issues
  • Explore underlying or hidden aspects of the conflict
  • Give you a greater sense of awareness, choice and possibility when dealing with your conflicts
For work with organisations, see Facilitation or Training 
The heart has its reasons for which reason knows nothing.
– Blaise Pascal
Using the skill set of a mediator/facilitator and also my experience with acting and art, I can work with you in a supportive, fun and enlightening way. By exploring both your immediate concerns and other aspects of your life that may be involved, you can discover strengths and insights that will help you:
  • discover different opportunities for you
  • improve your confidence

  • renew and energise, and

  • give you better tools for dealing with conflict in the future.

I have practice rooms in central London and:

East London @ The London Therapy Centre, South Woodford, E18 http://www.thelondontherapycentre.co.uk/
West London @ UrbanBliss, 333 Portobello Rd, Ladbroke Grove, W10 5SA
http://www.urban-bliss.com/ Call: (020) 8969 3331


Edward's ability to search and make any situation have a positive outlook is very unique. His ability to 'pick up' on words and relay them back in such a manner as to bestow great confidence in the speaker is remarkable.
- Sarah, 2008


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