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Mediation is a process through which two or more people, otherwise known as parties, meet to discuss an area of conflict between them in order to find a mutually satisfactory way of resolving the dispute.  Mediation is becoming increasingly popular because it is often cheaper and more satisfying than formal processes such as court hearings and tribunals.  Mediation recognises the concerns of all involved and concludes with an agreed resolution that the parties, not the mediators, decide.  This process also provides an excellent opportunity for people to grow and take greater control of their lives.
Sometimes there are factors which can make mediation inappropriate.  These might include a power imbalance or when the parties may not be interested in taking control of the decision making process.  A mediator's primary function is to facilitate communication between the parties.  It is not to impose an outcome on the parties involved who retain the decision-making responsibility.  Furthermore, when people are in conflict, they often seek allies to support and help them with their struggle and can be dismayed when a mediator tells them that they are unable to “take their side”.
Underlying the mediation approach, is the idea that people have many resources and capacities to get what they want from life and mediation seeks to put the people who are having the conflict in the “driving seat.”   It is not the role of the mediator to take the responsibility from the parties. This also supports the mediator's imaprtiality throughout the process. The benefits of such an approach are:
  • getting greater control of the outcomes

  • more realistic and achievable goals for those involved

  • more personal service

  • less cost

  • greater chance of a sustainable relationship with the “other” – if that is desirable

  • a sense of personal satisfaction and achievement that helps renew a sense of power.  This is often the single most positive step toward healing in times of conflict.

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There is a place beyond right and wrong, I'll meet you there.
- Rumi
Your skills are amazing. The way we started and ended is truly out of this world. Thank you so much for your compassion, understanding, encouragement and belief in us!
– Marcus, 2007
Thanks for listening, very natural, easy going and talented.
– Debbie, 2007



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