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Training events can range from two hours to week-long intensives, as well as ongoing support sessions. They are ideal opportunities for management to improve the way they work with their team or for people who want to improve their ability to relate to their clients. The range of topics include:

Drawing on elements from conflict resolution and theatre make the trainings dynamic, interactive and powerful learning experiences. All training programmes value complete  integrated learning and involve the following:
  • Having fun
  • Participatory learning
  • Sharing experience
  • Group work
  • Personal reflection
  • Theoretical Input
  • Potential role play

There is a sliding scale of rates depending on you or your organsiation's status.
My clients include the Metropolitan Police, the NHS,
London boroughs of Newham, Westminster, Hackney, Islington & Tower Hamlets and many more.
Your course should be offered as part of the promotion courses and I 100%  support the idea of mediation as the way forward for police/public relations.  Well done!
- Georgina Barnard, 2010,
Detective Sergeant, Directorate of Professional Standards
This has been an amazing course and you kept it alive the whole time. A damn good trainer, creating an effective group of learned individuals. Well done!
– Alfred, Magistrate, 2007

A phenomenal trainer, hard working and conscientious as well as able and passionate.
- Mofoluke, LB Hackney Service Co-ordinator, 2007


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