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Presentation Skills


Do you have a message you need to communicate?

Want tips to do it clearly and effectively?

This training will help you learn the secrets of dynamic presentations and the art of keeping people interested. Here are some tips:

  • Its NOT about content
  • Its NOT about materials or technology
  • Its about ENGAGEMENT - that means You & Them
This training is interactive and works best if you bring along a presentation you would like to deliver. During the course, you will:
  1. Look at skills you already have
  2. Share ideas and presentations with your group
  3. Be introduced to some basic exercises that:
  1. Provide insights into presenting effectively
  2. Improve your physical abilities, such as body language & voice
  3. Help you with nerves
     4. Be given a number of tools to support you giving a presentation, such as:
  1. What to do before you come in
  2. What to do as you come in
  3. What to do while you are speaking
      But most of all, the training will help you to bring in your most unique and powerful resource – YOU!

      By the end of the training not only will you have a range of strategies, but more importantly, you will have far more confidence with presentations – whether its for your boardroom, your team or 5,000 people in an auditorium!


      He brought out the best in me and turned what should have been a trial by fire into a walk in the park. In fact, even though the dragons did not invest in my idea, they commented on how bright I was and how good my presentation was: I give Edward full credit for that. He was an outstanding mentor who reinforced my strengths and eradicated my weaknesses.

      He’s given me the self-belief to walk into any room and present like I was born to it.

      If he can get me through Dragons’ Den he can get you through anything.
      Jay Fretwell, Advertising CEO, 2010

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